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Cloud computing, or software as a service (SaaS), is when IT software and services are delivered over the web and through a browser.

This transfers the responsibility for IT maintenance, software upgrades and any system issues onto the service provider, allowing small and medium size companies to focus on their core business instead of their infrastructure. that’s why the cloud is especially appealing to small-to-medium sized businesses, which have a smaller workforce and less capacity for time-consuming and expensive IT maintenance.

Brookland has worked alongside a variety of firms for over 15 years supporting both their in house and hosted requirements. The BigCloud was developed as an alternative to the upfront costs needed to achieve a seamless IT infrastructure within an office. The BigCloud gives small to medium firms the freedom to access and share data between their staff whenever and wherever they are and at any time, in an efficient and cost effective way.

The BigCloud is a simple one stop solution to all your IT needs in one place and more importantly there is no expensive up front purchases. There is a straight forward cost per user per month where each user pays only for the applications he/she needs.

Key Features

  • 24/7 internet access to all your data, documents, emails, specialised applications etc. from anywhere.
  • No more server hardware in the office, therefore no more licence renewals or engineer costs, your faxes, printers, iPads supported free.
  • No upfront costs, billed monthly, only pay for what you need.
  • Secure backed up data to ensure you’re never without your data.
  • Free data upload of all your documents and emails, our engineers will assist you.
  • Free copy of data on request, it is your data.
  • Latest Microsoft Office 2010, always use the latest technology and protection.
  • Access to any specialist applications that you have a licence to use e.g. Sage (subject to compatibility).
  • 5GB storage per seat, sufficient storage for the majority of small to medium size businesses.
  • Anti-spam & Anti-Virus scanning on all emails.
  • Encryption for sending information securely over the internet.
  • Microsoft exchange emails including access on smart phones, iPads, even the web.
  • Synchronised with smart phones, iPads, saves duplication of work on your PC.
  • Unlimited telephone support on any IT issue, including printers, scanners, iPhones, iPads etc.
  • Data stored separately allowing you to easily add/remove users, include new software.
  • Multiple domains including domain name management, we control and point your emails.
  • Multiple aliases, at additional emails addresses, admin@, info@ etc.
  • All staff are vetted by an outside agency.
  • Your data is secured on its own database separated from other clients here in the UK.
  • All data is backed up every night and written to tapes and stored in a fireproof safe.
  • We operate from two secure sites.
  • We have biometric security with fingerprint access to high security areas, maintain our own dedicated servers, with a 24/7 monitored alarm system including police response.
  • All of our systems are run from our dedicated hosting servers located in Cheam and Byfleet and managed by a team of highly experienced engineers with many years of extensive knowledge.

Frequently Asked Questions

How accessible is the BigCloud?

The system is designed to be very easy to use and accessible over the internet from anywhere. We currently manage over 3000 users on this technology every day.

All you need is access to the internet and to install a small free program on your device that will manage your secure connection to the web portal. The free software can be installed on as many PCs as you wish and you just pay for the right to access the system. For a single licence fee this will allow the same person to log in from Head Office, Branch Office, Hotel, Home or a Wi-Fi location, anytime of the day or night.

We also support the widest possible range of end user systems so users can not only access the portal from Microsoft based Notebooks or PC’s but also from Apple Macs, Linux PC’s, Unix Systems, Windows Mobile Handsets and a wide variety of Smartphone’s.

Are there any training requirements?

The end user simply logs onto the Internet and goes to the assigned Website address where they enter their username and Password taking them to the applications they wish to run. Using the system is very simple and to the user it will feel the same as having the program on their local computer but without the hassle, cost or security risks one normally expects.

The technology we utilise is just an evolution of what we have been doing for years but the exciting bit is that there are no expensive up-front purchases or the need to pay for spare capacity you may need in the future.  There are training applications – please contact Brookland for more information.

Can you share Documents, Scanned Files, Databases, and Diaries?

You can share your Documents, Scanned files, database and diaries with your colleagues at any time and in real time. Your team can be supported by, PA’s, Admin, Accounts, Management and Compliance anywhere in the country or the world. They can enter data, do research, calculate invoices, print correspondence and email their clients from anywhere at any time. No more need to drive all the way back to the office just to do “paperwork” and for that matter is there really a need for an office desk?

This system gives your company the ability to concentrate on your business leaving the IT to the experts. You pick the tools you need for a fixed cost and these are delivered to each and every member of staff with no sudden upgrade costs and no expensive downtime with unexpected repair bills.

This truly delivers to every company the kind of systems and services normally only available to large organisations.

How easy is it to move to the Cloud?

The transfer of business information into the cloud is very straightforward. There is no need to install new hardware or software as everything is run by the cloud provider.

What are the cost savings?

Businesses that move to the cloud can make savings on many different levels – IT hardware and software expenditure is cut dramatically and fewer staff or support resources are needed for IT maintenance.

How can the Cloud improve productivity?

One of the key benefits of cloud computing is that employees can access documents and emails whilst away from the office. If your business demands mobility and flexibility or you have staff keen to extend their use of home or remote working, the cloud could be a straightforward and affordable way of addressing these needs.

How secure is the Cloud?

Cloud computing can be more secure than traditional IT. It’s all about economies of scale – many established cloud suppliers employ leading security experts, invest vast amounts of money into securing their applications and develop technology beyond the means of any small business. In addition, the risk of losing confidential data on a laptop or a USB stick is also diminished, as everything is stored in the cloud and not on your devices.

Will Cloud manage the cultural adjustment?

Today’s employees expect to have the same technology at work that they enjoy at home. Cloud computing delivers applications with users in mind and many staff will already be familiar with Cloud technology. Look at how teenagers interact – on Facebook or Twitter – all cloud environments. These teenagers will soon become employees, accustomed to collaborating online and accessing their data from any mobile device at hand, not expecting to work in one location and from 9 to 5.

Is Cloud a more collaborative way of working?

Using cloud computing applications, people can work more closely together, accessing and working in the same documents in real time – without the need for hundreds of emails with attachments. Improved knowledge sharing and communication encourages creativity amongst your employees which can help drive the business forward.

How flexible is the Cloud?

You have the flexibility to scale up or scale down your business requirements, Cloud based “pay as you go” style services allow you to easily increase your use of cloud services as your business grows, or decrease your spend, if you need to temporarily scale down.

In contrast to traditional IT models which can involve expensive software licenses and long lock-in contracts, the cloud model offers far more flexibility. You can switch provider far more easily and regularly in order to get

the best experience and value for money. However, it is important to check with your cloud provider as to how you retrieve data from their cloud should you choose to switch in the future.

Can business resilience be improved?

Cloud computing providers also offer helpdesk support and at the same time provide increased resiliency and redundancy afforded by multiple data centres to ensure your information is always available. This means that you experience less downtime than when managing IT in-house and any problems can be solved far quicker by being fixed centrally. IDC estimates that businesses operating in the cloud achieve 97% greater IT reliability.

Join the revolution that is enhancing businesses ten-fold.