Hosted IT Solutions

One stop shop to all your IT needs

Cloud computing, or software as a service (SaaS), is when IT software and services are delivered over the web and through a browser. This transfers the responsibility for IT maintenance, software upgrades and any system issues onto the service provider, allowing small and medium size companies to focus on their core business instead of their infrastructure. That’s why the cloud is especially appealing to small-to-medium sized businesses, which have a smaller workforce and less capacity for time-consuming and expensive IT maintenance.

Brookland has worked alongside a variety of firms for over 15 years supporting both their in house and hosted requirements.  The BigCloud was developed as an alternative to the upfront costs needed to achieve a seamless IT infrastructure within an office.  The BigCloud gives small to medium firms the freedom to access and share data between their staff whenever and wherever they are and at any time, in an efficient and cost effective way.

The BigCloud is a simple one stop solution to all your IT needs in one place and more importantly there is no expensive up front purchases. There is a straight forward cost per user per month where each user pays only for the applications he/she needs.

Many other companies have provided parts of the overall solution such as a adding in additional specialist software, search tools, in addition to the numerous providers of email services. At Brookland we have recognised through our clients the need for a single managed Web Portal that provides ALL of the following in one place: