Network & Consultancy

Proactive Support for optimum performance and uptime

One of the most critical and challenging aspects of today’s networked computing environments is ensuring that all network services are functioning optimally.

While computers revolutionise the way business is done, the risks they introduce to a business must not be underestimated. When networks are not operating as they should be, or worse still actually stop, valuable time is lost – offices and staff cannot work and business suffers as a result.

Most network problems can be avoided if regular maintenance is carried out. However, it is our experience that many companies wait until a problem occurs before addressing such issues. To support our customers in ensuring that their business critical networks are running at optimum performance with resources readily available and performing as expected – we offer a complete suite of pro-active System Health Check programmes.

These support services are usually provided as part of an integrated ongoing Totalcare contract which is subject to renewal and fee payment on an annual basis.