A low cost alternative to traditional PBX

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has become a viable solution for even the smallest of companies as broadband internet access has become affordable and far more reliable and with greater performance.

Hosted VoIP services are also gaining popularity among smaller companies since these services do not require any capital investment into expensive PBX, installation and configuration services.

VoIP offers a low cost alternative to the traditional, expensive phone systems and is fast becoming the communications system of choice, providing a telecoms system for businesses looking to work in more than one location. Home offices, remote offices and even temporary offices can all be linked via a single system. Moreover, the system helps to reduce telecommunications costs and provide a single point of billing for all locations.  Office to Office and Office to Home calls are free.

Key Features

  • Excellent Sound Quality – Polycom Acoustic Clarity Technology enables crystal-clear simultaneous hands-free conversations as natural as being there.
  • VoIP Cheaper Calls Worldwide – Cheaper crystal-clear world-wide calls (call pricing available on request).
  • Enterprise Grade Feature Set – Two lines, support of shared line presence, 3-way local conferencing and built in XLL micro-browser.
  • Office to Office, Office to Home calls free.
  • Efficient Installation and Provisioning – Remote, zero-touch provisioning with support of a variety of servers.
  • Broad and Robust Interoperability – Certified to interoperate with a broad array of SIP call control platform to enable open choices and innovations while simplifying provisioning, management and support.
  • Soft phone apps available for iPhone, iPad, PC etc.,

Frequently Asked Questions

What does VoIP include?

VoIP includes: Call Hold, Call Transfer, Park, Pick-Up, Transfer, Three-way local conferencing, Shared, call/bridged line, Distinctive tones.

Do I still need a BT Line?

Yes.  You will need a single BT line, for emergency (999) calls and if there is a power outage.

Can I port my existing number?

Yes. (Chargeable from £20 per number).

Can I chose a new number?

Yes, a selection of numbers is available.